Credit List


Orson Welles In Norwich – Urban Myths (30 mins – Sky Arts / Absinthe Ent.)

Critical (60 mins – SkyOne/Hat Trick)

Sexual Healing (110 mins – Deluxe)

Holby City (3 Eps x 60 mins – BBC1)

Eastenders (30 mins – BBC1)

Casualty (50 mins – BBC1)

Doctors (30 mins – BBC1)

Manson (100 mins -Five/History Channel US) [Nominated for Best Drama at the Rose D’Or international tv awards]

Jinx (2eps x 30mins – BBC)

My Spy Family (30 mins – Cartoon Network)

Surrealissimo! (60 mins – BBC4)

Born and Bred (60 mins – BBC1)

Burglar Beware (90 mins – Ch4film/blast)

Streakers (90 mins – UKFC/BBCfilms)

All The Rage  (90 mins – Midfield films)

Project Mustard  (90 mins – Blue Horizon/Tribeca)

The Carnal Artist (90 mins – Tubedale)

The Basildon Brawl (100 mins – UKFC/Shelley)

Bikini Cops (30 mins – Boomerang TV)

Down Mexico Way (30 mins – Chrysalis TV)


Tracks: Abyss. (9 x 45 mins, BBC Radio 4.) Tracks S5. [Shortlisted for a British Podcast Award.]

A Fortunate Man (60 mins, BBC Radio 4) [Adaptation of the book by John Berger.] [Shortlisted for a BBC Audio Award.]

Tracks: Indigo. (10 x 15 mins, BBC Radio 4.) Tracks S4.

Tracks: Chimera. (9x45mins, BBC Radio 4.) Tracks S3.

Tracks: Strata.  (6x15min podcast – 2x45mins, BBC Radio 4.) Tracks S2.

Tracks (9 Episodes x 45 mins, BBC Radio 4) [Nominated for Best Drama Series – BBC Audio Drama Awards. Winner of Best Use of Sound in a Radio Drama. Winner Best Fiction Podcast of the Year. Nominated Prix Europa.]

Frank Zappa and Me [adapted from the book “Freak Out My Life With Frank Zappa” by Pauline Butcher.] (45 mins BBC Radio 4)

Demon Brother (2×45 mins BBC Radio 4) [Nominated for Best Drama Series – BBC Audio Drama Awards.]

White Noise (45 Mins – BBC Radio 4)

Gulliver’s Travels [adapted from Jonathan Swift] (3 x 60 mins ep Serial – BBC Radio 4)

Burning Both Ends (45 mins – BBC Radio 4)

The Rain Maker (45 mins – BBC Radio 4)

Vincent Price and The Horror of the English Blood Beast (60 mins – BBC Radio 4)

Planet B (3 series 7 x 30min eps – BBC Radio7)

The Decoy (45 mins – BBC Radio4)

Wes Bell (60 mins – BBC Radio3) [Nominated for Best Drama at the BBC Audio and Drama Awards]


Dagenham Art Brut – Auricular @ Theatre 503

Light – Complicite /Almeida

Burglar Beware – Old Red Lion/Union Chapel Islington

Jesus of Romford – Grip theatre

Rabbit Punching-  Grip theatre

Head first – Grip theatre

Penetration – Tom Allen Centre Stratford



Joe Orton Laid Bare – BBC / IWC Media – BBC2 A documentary about the writer Joe Orton, told with interviews, and clips from his work.

Agent: Jessica SykesIndependent



1 thought on “Credit List

  1. Hello there Matthew, I hope you’re well sir. I’ve only just found out about your radio play ‘Burning Both Ends’ and I’m really really intrigued to hear it. I’ve just finished Ollie Reed’s autobiography and the period he and Moon crossed swords sounds absolutely fascinating. Is there any way I can download it? I’ve looked on the BBC website but its not available anymore. I’d love to listen to it.

    Thanks for your time.


    Tom Critch

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