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  1. I got addicted to your marvelous written thriller Tracks, provided by BBC Wales as pod cast.
    Well directed, performed and audio edited. Much more powerful than moving pictures!

    Thank you Mr. Broughton

    Peter, Amsterdamned

  2. Dear Matthew

    I’ve been thoroughly impressed by Tracks and cannot recollect a radio drama series that I’ve been so captivated by. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a television series, though you’d have perhaps a knotty problem with Helen’s voiceovers (voiceovers usually don’t work on film). If it does go to television I hope that Romola Garai is retained as Helen: she’s a marvel. We’re approaching the conclusion and I’ve no idea how it will pan out.

    Over the past two days I’ve listened up to Episode 5 again, with a view to listening to the rest to coincide with the concluding episode. Tracks has also been very enjoyable second round and I’ve found myself almost equally gripped. Well done Matthew, well done.

    Best wishes


  3. Dear Matthew,
    “Tracks” has been the most engaging, wonderful radio series I have heard for many years. I couldn’t wait for each episode to become available. Truly marvelous and a huge credit to you.
    I hope you get all the plaudits you deserve. The final episode was truly unexpected and kept me guessing until the reveal. I hope it makes it to TV – it would be a great, great series.
    Many thanks Matthew for a truly great story.
    Best wishes for the future,

  4. Absolutely cracking drama that treats the listener like a grown-up. What a journey we’ve been on over nine episodes. All credit to the acting, particularly Romola Garai, but the production, sound and music also superb! Well done…

  5. What a cracking series, buzzing with tension and excitement throughout. I’m not usually a fan of Radio 4 drama because I don’t find the characters or the plots engage my interest sufficiently – but the Tracks trailer alone got me hooked, and after that, I could hardly wait for each episode. The production values and the acting were as superb as the script. If you don’t get an award for this, I will be amazed.

    But right now, I have to listen again to the last episode, because I can’t quite work out how the final denouement occurred.

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  7. Listened to all 9 episodes of Tracks today. Adored it. Stunning, shocking, beautiful writing. Troy Kennedy Martin sprang to mind; the echoes of Edge Of Darkness, but with your own unique touch. Outstanding work. Thank you so much.

  8. I just love “Tracks”. I’m now on Episode 4 and I’m trying to eke the series out for as long as I can. I haven’t listened to anything this good since RD Wingfield’s “Outbreak of Fear” which is my benchmark for radio drama, and I really think that this stands comparison with that series. I can’t think of a greater compliment.

    Thank you for entertaining me!

  9. Hi Matthew… I’ve been listening to Tracks for a couple of weeks now… it’s one of the most compelling radio pieces I’ve ever heard – massive congratulations and a big thanks

    When’s the TV series coming?? 😉

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