The fourth Series of Tracks: Indigo is now available.

10 Episodes of 15 minutes each.

Details Here.

The entire series (and all 3 of the previous series) are available on BBC SOUNDS and as a PODCAST.

(Be aware that the episodes are often out of order on BBC SOUNDS (I have no idea why) – so double check or use the Tracks Homepage:)



Dr Helen Ash – Romola Garai

Freddy Fuller – Jonathan Forbes

Helen is involved in a serious car accident – but why did the car hit her? Where was she going? What is wrong with her baby daughter Frances? And what’s wrong with time?


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The Observer

daily mail

Daily Mail

sunday times

Sunday Times

11 thoughts on “TRACKS Series 4 : INDIGO

  1. Love all of Tracks. I binge-listened series 1-3 again when I saw Indigo was starting and found it ever more haunting. Brilliant script, prediction and acting. Horrified by the ending to Indigo and hope that’s not it!

    Can you tell me what is the beautiful music Helen is listening to in series 3, penultimate episode when she is weeping over the first anniversary of her husband’s death? The voice is so familiar but I can’t place it.

    Thanks for these great series.

      • Oh yesssss! Obvious. I already have it on my euphemistically entitled “bits” playlisr but as there’s over 800 tracks in there now my brain failed me.

        Thanks for the quick response. Keep writing!

        Judie x

  2. Hi Matthew,
    loved it. I’ve loved all of Tracks (I want to say so far but don’t want to seem presumptuous) so far. Can we please have some semblance of a happy ending for Helen and the Babba? As a fellow Irishman can you pass on my kindest regards to Mr.Forbes on a job well done. Loved the lovely Aunt skit.
    A couple of questions; Do you ever feel like you’ve written yourself into corners with some of the escapades? And do you allow much improv from your actors?
    All the best,

    • Thanks. There’s not a huge amount of improv as our recording schedule is usually pretty tight – but Romola and Jonathan know their characters so well that there are sometimes changes to script as we work on it together in studio. And as for escapades and corners… It’s often in the darkest most impossible corners that the most interesting material is found…

  3. I have just spent three days binge-listening to all four series. Thoroughly gripping. I do hope this isn’t the end of the story.

  4. Is there a series 5 coming out this year? I was sure I heard them say that on Radio 4 a few weeks ago and that they were rerunning series 4 ahead of the new series being released but I’ve not been able to find any info about it. Starting to wonder if I just imagined it!

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