TRACKS series 1, 2 and 3. (and 4)

tracks ident

Ahead of Series 4, TRACKS Indigo-

The BBC have put the first 3 series of TRACKS onto BBC SOUNDS.

For design consistency the first series is now called TRACKS Origin.




(For reasons I don’t understand, the episodes are often out of order on BBC SOUNDS – so do double check!)

Are all now available:


COMING SOON:     Series 4: Tracks Indigo





3 thoughts on “TRACKS series 1, 2 and 3. (and 4)

  1. Dear Matthew, I am such a big fan of Tracks, it is one of the best radio play productions (incl. voices, directing, sound etc. and of course the writing  😉  ) I ever heard in my now longer life and radio play fan. And now I am very delighted to hear that there will even come a fourth season! I would very much appreciate if BBC put all the episodes on the podcast channel of Tracks. Most of them are now available again, but I miss the Strata Episodes “Omnibus” in the list. One could download them somehow directly, but for podcast listeners it would be easier to have them complete in the podcast channel “Tracks”. I bought the first two seasons a while ago at audible´s  but here, too, I am a bit confused: “Tracks 1 & 2” on audible consists of 11 tracks and on the BBC page Origin has 9 and  Strata incl. Omnibus 8 tracks – so the audible tracks are not complete, either?

    Sorry to bother you with this marginalia, but I could not find a proper email adress on the BBC page to send them my wish directly. Perhaps you would forward this mail to a (wo)man in charge of the podcasts. I would be very thankful. Go ahead with the marvelous work you do, I am looking forward to your other works! Best wishes from Frankfurt, Germany Ulf

    • Hi Ulf
      Thanks for your kind comments about Tracks. It’s lovely to hear.

      I’ll pass on your message to the BBC to see if they can fix any confusion.

      Tracks Strata first went out as 6 episode podcast – each episode of different length. (But all much shorter than the episodes in series 1.)

      Then, when it was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 it went out as 2 omnibus episodes – the first omnibus was episodes 1,2 and 3 put together – and the second omnibus was the remaining 4, 5 and 6 episodes put together.

      So it exists in two forms- as 6 separate episodes and 2 omnibuses. So that’s why Tracks Strata has 8 tracks showing on the bbc page.

      Tracks Origin (series1) has 9 eps of 45 mins each. = 9 tracks.

      Tracks Strata (series 2) has 6 short eps + 2 omnibuses = 8 tracks.

      Tracks Chimera (series 3) has 9 eps of 45 min. = 9 tracks.

      And just to delightfully confuse matters further…

      Tracks Indigo (series 4) has 10 episode – each of 15 minutes = 10 tracks.

      (Tracks Indigo debuts on BBC Radio 4 on the 28th October – and I believe that all the episodes will be put online on that date too.)

      (ps -it wouldn’t surprise me if they do some kind of omnibus format thing with Tracks Indigo too… !)


  2. amazing series – the chance to learn lots of scientific facts as the drama unfolds – love the music too!! Do I detect Portishead tracks? You need to write lots more, cannot get enough of this!

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