Tracks Chimera

Tracks Chimera (Tracks Series 3)

The return of Dr Helen Ash and Freddy.

Tracks Chimera is now going out every Thursday at 2.15pm on BBC Radio 4.  (The series finale will be broadcast on R4 on 27th December.)

All 9 episodes are also now available online as a boxset and podcast.



EPISODE 3 –  (Written by Matt Hartley)

EPISODE 4(Written by Lucy Catherine)


EPISODE 6 (Written by Caroline Horton)

EPISODE 7 (Written by Timothy Atack)



BBC Series Link

Podcast (All episodes of Series 3 are now available.)

WARNING: From 26 January 2019   TRACKS: CHIMERA will no longer be freely available to listen to online (The BBC are planning a commercial release later this year).

If you want to hear Series 1 and 2 – They are available on AUDIBLE and AMAZON.



Helen and Freddy in studio

Tracks Chimera – Previews  / Reviews:

radio times.jpg

Radio Times












The Observer

The Times (2/11/18)


(A list of some of the music used in this series)

Black Phase – by Tim Hecker

Toccata – by Jaga Jazzist

E-musik – by Neu!

Satellite Snyper – by Pantha Du Prince

Im Bann – by Pantha Du Prince

Laker Boo – by Portico Quartet

We Move Lightly – by Dustin O’halloran

Shattered Glass – by DJ Food

Turquoise Hexagon Sun – by Boards of Canada

Seoul – by Amiina

Boga – by Amiina

Elephant Gun – by Beirut

September Song – Agnes Obel

Scenic World – by Beirut

Muesli –  by Minotaur Shock

Beau Nash – by Minotaur Shock

La Foule – by Edith Piaf

Never Understand – by The Jesus and Mary Chain

The Refused are fucking dead – by The Refused

Barok Main – by Mica Levi and Oliver Coates

Singularity – by Jon Hopkins

25 thoughts on “Tracks Chimera

  1. Can’t wait for Chimera to begin! This has been without doubt the best series ever commissioned by BBC Radio 4 . Innovative, terrifying and totally absorbing, Matthew Broughton I salute you!

    • Quite frankly, I am gripped by Tracks. Excellent work Matthew!

      Thanks for sharing the music list. Would you be able to share details of the music that is often used when Helen is thinking of Michael in Chimera? It’s used a few times in the series and only as a short clip.

  2. Loving the series, great story, difficult not to listen to more than one at a time! Also, the music is excellent but no mention of it in the series info, well I can’t find it, I’d really like to know who the composer(s) are.

  3. Hi,
    Really enjoying this series so far. I’m going to have to return to series 1 and 2, in order to remind me of the details I’ve forgotten.
    I’d be interested to know about the music used throughout episode 5, which was particularly good!
    All the best, Peter

  4. I’m a bit mystified. Who impregnated Helen Ash and what did her baby have to do with the project? Was it kidnapped as some kind of pig-baby stand-by? The slate building – what did that and the man or triple men have to do with it. Was Helen Ash part of the evil plot or just mixed up in it trying to find answers? Don’t think I can write a review in my current state of uncertainty!

  5. Series 3 chimera is all available untill the last two episodes, I am desperate to hear the end, is there any other way to hear it? Thanks Becky

  6. Gutted that I missed Chimera on iPlayer. Where can I get it now? Is it buried somewhere in BBC Sounds. Any help gratefully received. Thanks

  7. Hi. Just the quick question about soundtrack to episode 8 of Chimera. When Helen is giving a birth and grief after Michael’s death kicks in (bald man is breaking into the flat), there is a beautiful song in the background, just for couple of seconds, mostly vocal. I NEED to know the artist please. Tracks is the best radio drama i have ever listened to.

  8. Can I say I love you, to the author of this blog? I’ve had been looking for theme music played in the series all over the internet and couldn’t find it except on your blog. And it is Minotaur Shock by Muesli. Sending you lots of love and warm wishes from Kenya and Pakistan.

  9. Quite frankly, I am gripped by Tracks.

    Can anyone signpost me to the music used when Helen is reflecting/thinking positively/wistfully about Micheal? It’s used often in Chimera but only in short bursts.

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