TRACKS is a 9-part conspiracy thriller with a cast led by Romola Garai.

It was Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4  (August-October 2016.)

Series 1 is available to download as a Podcast and on the BBC Iplayer 

Series 2 of Tracks – “TRACKS: Strata” – is now available – Info and blog post



(9 Episodes x 45 mins)        Trailer

Series 1 – EPISODES 1-9

Episode 1 – The Nervus Vagus – is  Here

Episode 2 – The Broca and Wernicke Areas – is Here

Episode 3 – The Pineal Gland – is Here

Episode 4 – The Bridge of Varolius – is Here

Episode 5 – Hippocampus – is Here

Episode 6 – Nociceptors – is Here

Episode 7 – The Accumbens Nucleus – is Here

Episode 8 – Amygdala- is Here

Episode 9 – Habenula – is Here

(Archive: Here’s a STATEMENT by R4 about the broadcast of the last episode of Tracks)

All Episodes from Series 1 and 2 are now available on AUDIBLE or AMAZON


Review of Episode 1 in  The Guardian

Review of Episode 1 in The Spectator

TRACKS Ep 6 was a R4 – “Pick of Week” – (18/9/16)  – Chosen by Hardeep Singh Kohli.

TRACKS Producer, James Robinson was interviewed on Radio 4  Friday  30/10/16 –  discussing audience FEEDBACK


IMG_0166     IMG_0168



Episodes 1,2,5,8,9 – James Robinson @mcgrin

Episodes 3,4,6 – Helen Perry @bellaperry

Episode 7 – Abigail Le Fleming @haywarddollerton

Supervising Sound Designer – Nigel Lewis


Tracks theme – (written for the series) by Stu Barker.

Studio Suicide, 1980 – By Tim Hecker.

Prungen – By Jaga Jazzist.

Dido’s Lament (Dido & Aeneas) – Andreas Scholl, William Orbit, & Rico Conning.

Some Absolute End – Bill Ryder-Jones.

A1 – Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm.

I’ll See You In My Dreams – Johnny Mercer (featuring the Pied Pipers.)

Symphony Number 4 in G major: III. Ruhevoll, Poco Adagio – Mahler

Body Eraser – Halls.

Cancer – I Break horses

Other News:

(12/11/16): An interview with James Robinson (including audio) detailing some of the process of How We Made Tracks

Tracks short-listed for a British Podcast Award



Tracks short-listed for some BBC Audio Drama Awards

Tracks short-listed for a Prix Europa Award

A Tracks Q&A can be found on the menu above – beware it contains spoilers.

Readers/Listeners comments for Tracks are  here under the Tracks post,  under the Contact page, and under the Tracks Q&A page.

46 thoughts on “Tracks

  1. Hello Mathew. I’m not native speaker, I have just heard the episode one and I think is amazing. Do you think, is there any way to have the transcripts of the episodes? Is just that for a not native speaker some parts are not easy to understand, or at least for me cause I’m not an advance English speaker.

  2. I’m working my way through the available podcast episodes and loving it. A very good, intriguing story, well written, excellent acting, and the overall production is very high quality, particularly the sound design.

  3. Loving your drama, completely thrilling, but it is taking some digging every week to find it as it doesn’t seem to come up in the radio i-player listings!

  4. Very high quality, this is the first radio drama I’ve committed to listening to – you’ve got me hooked.

    Any idea how they sourced the sounds for the low-flight / crash aeroplane noises? I’d love to experiment with making similar edge-of-seat soundscapes.

  5. I’m just loving this drama….can’t wait for the next episode….Just where is it going…I’m trying to second guess but failing miserably…xx role on Tuesday x

    • Hi, thanks. The theme music was written for the show by Stu Barker (of Kneehigh Theatre Company.) I don’t believe it’s available. The music used throughout the episodes come from a large variety of Artists including Nils Frahm, Tim Hecker, Jaga Jazzist, and many others. Individually all those pieces are commercially available. (If you have any specific questions about particular pieces of music in the show I am happy to try to answer them!) Best M

  6. This is an extraordinary series. It’s been years since I couldn’t wait for the next episode of something. There’s something different about the way it’s been recorded Romola / Helen’s voice seems to be right inside my head (I’m listening on headphones). How are they doing that? Music choices are great. The BBC should be promoting this more. I’ve got several friends who’d love this and are not yet listening. Well, bloody, done. Excellent.
    Bob Pite.

  7. Best Radio Drama for some considerable time. Evolving, involving, dramatic, atmospheric, beautifully acted and deeply moving. I hope you have many more collaborations with Abigail le Fleming.

    The last time I enjoyed a radio drama so much was possibly Andy Jordan’s Double Indemnity with Barrington Pheloung’s music, and that was 23 years ago…

  8. Heard Tracks trailed on the BBC before I went on holiday in the summer. Thought I’d missed the boat but delighted that the podcasts are going to be available for 6 months. Listened to the first 8 episodes back to back on commute to Wolverhampton from Stratford-upon-Avon. Only problem is the now prolonged wait for the final part on Tuesday. Love the whole thing. Great writing but the production, music, etc. all good and the cast have been outstanding. Fantastic radio. Thank you.

  9. I listened to all 8 episodes on a long car journey this weekend, and I think I’ve worked out what’s going on. Probably completely wrong but it’s fun trying to tie up all the loose ends. Can’t wait for the final episode. A really excellent series.

    • Not usually into radio drama but this series was truly gripping. The story is intriguing, the acting and production superb and the conclusion worth the wait. Superb. Thank you everyone who contributed and starred. Brilliant. I am updating my answerphone message Freddie style right now !

    • Well it was a very good final episode – really lived up to the high quality of the rest of the series. I’d worked out most of the plot, but still don’t really understand why the Koreans seemed to love Helen so much. And I’d thought their constant ‘calm down’ was hinting at something else inside her…

      An excellent series, really enjoyed it. Great writing, acting, directing and production, particularly the sound design.

      Matthew – do you have any medical background or was that all research?

      • Thanks! I don’t have a medical background, but I have worked on a number of TV shows where I’ve worked closely with Doctors, Paramedics, Surgeons, Microbiologists, etc. The most intense of these was the med drama CRITICAL (Sky One) where the writers were all put through a kind of boot camp of trauma medicine… Lots of research too!

        As for queries about story details/characters in the series – If there’s an interest, I may try to do a q&a on here at some point in the future where i (try to) address these questions…!

      • OK in that case:
        Why did the Koreans love Helen so much?
        Why did someone say that Helen had brought the plane down? Just because she herself had been operated on, or a more direct cause? And did the pilot survive by accident or was there another reason?
        Surely Helen’s mother must have been aware of what had been going on with Helen and Elizabeth? Was Florian really so secretive, or was her mother trying to hide the truth/ protect Helen?
        What was so extraordinary about Ruth’s death? Just the fact that she was so severely injured?
        Who forced Freddy’s car off the road on Dartmoor?
        Why (dramatically) did Michael have to die?


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  11. I subscribe to the Drama of the Week podcast and was WAY behind on listening and I just finished the amazing first episode of this drama, and now there is no way to access episodes 2-4. Is there anyplace online where the earlier episodes are still available? I’m really impressed and would love to hear the whole series. Not sure it will make sense if I jump over three episodes to episode five. Anyway, phenomenal job on episode one, at any rate!

  12. Bloody hell, this was fantastic! I walked an extra 2km out of my way so I could get to the end before getting to work.
    Did I mishear or was the airfield at the start in Pembrey?
    Can’t wait for you next project.

  13. Hello, I loved this podcast when I listened to it at its launch and I suggested it to my friends also. But when I tried to download the episodes again a few months ago, I couldn’t find them in bbc podcasts website and in podcast apps its link doesn’t work.
    The podcast is so good and it should be available in public. Is there any links to download it again, or can you make them paid like Dan Carlin does with his podcast?

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  15. I’ve been listening to Tracks (series 1) over the past week or so and it’s astonishingly good. It’s a perfect blend of conspiracy thriller and science fiction, pushing the envelope on both with each episode but always just the right amount.

    I can’t help wondering if there’s ever been any interest in a TV adaptation? It’s the kind of mix the BBC dips their toes into every now and again but never quite seems to pull off. It’d probably end up being a completely different beast on telly but this, along with Simon Bovey’s Slipstream, are the two radio dramas I’d most love to see adapted for TV.

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