Burning Both Ends – when Oliver Reed met Keith Moon (Radio 4 Repeat)

Burning Both Ends is being repeated on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday (24th June 2014.)

Details here

It’ll be available on the Iplayer for a week after that.

I have blogged on this play previously here



4 thoughts on “Burning Both Ends – when Oliver Reed met Keith Moon (Radio 4 Repeat)

  1. I heard your play (again) yesterday and really enjoyed it. Sean Pertwee, in particular, was an excellent Olly. Wouldn’t have missed it, because I was there! In Southsea. With both of them. Sadly most of the people involved (my friends from that time too) are now dead. One discrepancy -neither Roger Daltrey nor Elton were staying at the Queens Hotel during filming – only Reed and Moon (and Ken Russell). I have lots of stories from that episode, including a ridiculous trip to an Indian restaurant with the two of them, plus Townsend. I would love to know where you found the details for your story. Thanks.

  2. Hi Matthew, posting from the tiny Isle of Coll in the Inner Hebrides. Sometimes (quite often) I despair at the quality of daytime radio. Not for your play, however. Time fell away as I listened entranced, gripped by a compelling and beautifully constructed story. Great performances, too. Sheer listening magic – thank you.

  3. Just heard the play via the Listen Again and had to comment on how good this play was. I loved the Vincent Price Blood Beast play and this was even better. Sean was amazing and the whole thing was just perfect transporting radio. Well done all!
    I think it’s such a shame that radio can be ignored and directors and writers can’t get proper feedback. I had to hunt high and low before finding your blog, why don’t the BBC put links withs the play web page??
    Thanks again!

  4. Hear the Olly/Moony play again.,. Wonderful. How you got what seems to be the essence of the characters II do not know, but the play was convincing in a way that so often is not with such plays. It’s also very funny and a little sad. Thanks in hoping for more.

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