Demon Brother

My 2-part radio drama Demon Brother is on Radio 4 next week.

(Wed 22nd & Thurs 23rd January 2014 BBC Radio 4 – 2.15pm)


It’s a dark psychological thriller about a pair of twins – Jasper and Eddie – who have been estranged all their lives, until their dad dies – They’re both played by Shaun Dingwall.

Part 1 is Jasper’s Story and from his point of view, Part 2 is Eddie’s  – it’s best to listen to them in order – as there is a bigger story going on in there.

Also in the cast we have – Valene Kane, Kenneth Cranham, Vera Filatova, Simon Ludders, and John Norton.  It  is produced/directed by James Robinson.

We recorded the play in the bbc studio in Cardiff – (lovely team.)

The Radio Times Preview can be found here

The BBC page for the play is here

***Update – 7th Feb 2014 ****
Just want to say thanks for the kind comments I’ve received about this play. -MB


9 thoughts on “Demon Brother

  1. Matthew, I heard your two-parter this week and enjoyed them hugely! A brilliant conceit and really making use of the genre. Wonderful, original stuff. Lucy.

  2. Matthew: I just wanted to say well done and thank you for DEMON BROTHER. I love radio drama, and this was – by a considerable margin – the best example I have heard for a long time: richly imagined, brilliantly scripted, and – as Lucy says – a wonderfully effective use of the medium. The acting was really terrific, too – please pass on my congratulations to the cast and the production team. James

  3. Absolutely loved this play, the acting the soundscapes, the story really came together. When can we hear it again, I’ve been telling everyone about it?

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