“Vincent Price and The Horror of The English Blood Beast”

My play about the uneasy relationship between film director Michael Reeves and actor Vincent Price – on the set of seminal 60s English horror movie “The Witchfinder General” – was first broadcast on Radio 4 in the Saturday play slot in 2010.

It’s now been brought to my attention that the play can be listened to Here

There’s also a very good and insightful review / essay written about the play that is HERE – (Even if they do get the title of the play slightly wrong!)

I remember having a roaring time recording the play in Cardiff. The cast included: Kenneth Cranham as Tony Tenser, Nickolas Grace as Vincent Price, and Blake Ritson as Michael Reeves.

*UPDATE* – 1st March 2013-
“Vincent Price and the Horror of the English Blood Beast” will be repeated on Radio 4 next Friday (8th March) evening at 9pm.

*UPDATE* – 7th November 2015 – just seen that the play is up on Youtube.


4 thoughts on ““Vincent Price and The Horror of The English Blood Beast”

  1. I liked this play very much. I enjoyed the movie and wondered at the time why this ‘horror movie’ was so much better than others I had tried to get interested in at the time. I am in admiration of the writer. He must have done his research but even then to create the dialogue is a big talent. This is the second highly entertaining play I have heard recently, the other was about a Scottish family with two children one of whom had taken to being a ‘user’.

  2. Brilliant! Hooked from the start! One of my favorite films. Worked with Vin in the 70’s. Had a burger with him in a dinner once and he scared the receptionist by booing in her face. Also, very tall and the bluest eyes ever. Great story teller, too. Again… You nailed him in this. Very entertaining Radio play! Thanks for posting!

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