White Noise

I have a new play on Radio 4 this coming Tuesday (10th April.)

It’s called WHITE NOISE and it is set in current day Dagenham, East London.

The details are here.

Here’s a photo from the studio during recording.

(Ricci Harnett, and Theo Barklum Biggs are the actors pictured playing ‘Danny’ and ‘Freddy’. The back of head belongs to Scott Handcock the production co-ordinator)

The play is part of the ‘Rapid Response’ series. This means that the turnaround time between commissioning and broadcast has been very short (by Radio Drama standards.) This is to ensure that the play is as contemporary as possible – which is what the strand is all about.

(This is Louise Jameson playing ‘Kath’)

Other members of the cast (not pictured) are Matthew Gravelle (Who I’ve worked with on ‘Burning Both Ends’, and ‘Gulliver’s Travels.’) And Ayesha Antoine.

The Director / Producer is James Robinson who I worked with on “The Rain Maker” a couple of years ago. (That was the radio horror play that we recorded on location in a forest in Kent.)


14 thoughts on “White Noise

  1. It made me stop driving. Great work. The end scene was espcially moving. Was wondering if you could reference the music you used during this, can’t seem to get it and the imagery out of my mind. Well worth listening to on iplayer.

  2. I loved your play and everything you captured in the 3 main characters. I especially liked Kath’s walk with the mallard duck (I could visualise the scene and I was walking with her here!) and even down to the detail of her occasional trip to Asda’s in the ‘Fiesta car.’ Yes Kath would shop here rather than the mayhem as Tesco’s and the car is probably a battered Fiesta mark 2. Her continual reference to ‘give us a cuddle’ is spot on too. You are a great observer of human beings. I heard the play by chance whilst currently on hoilday in W Cork. A long way from Dagenham where I was born 54 yrs ago and left when I was 7yrs old. References to Heathway, Parsloes Park , the wind turbine on the Ford’s site. How do you know so much of the area and what is your connection with Dagehnam? Simply superb! A play that illustrates hope against adversity.

      • That explains…………..could you write a play that incorporates School Road, Broad Street and St Peter’s RC church Gorsebrook Road and all the Avenues (First, Beam etc) next time!. This was the land of a generation from Cork city (my grandparents) who arrived with Ford, many of whom now lay in graves, up at ‘The Chase@ near Rush Grn, from early deaths as a result of their physical work and toil in the foundry @ Ford and a lot more.

  3. Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed White Noise, i really loved atmosphere you created . Brilliantly observed and a brilliant piece of drama . Just as an aside our local is being turned into a Tesco Express !

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